Perfume Wish List

I’ve been a subscriber of Charles Gross on Youtube for a couple of months now. He’s living for perfumes. He loves to read magazines and gives his opinions on the brands and products. Most of the magazines he reads have perfume samples. There’s a folded section where you can smell the scent.

I was never into perfume but I think it’ll change soon. My sister loves perfumes. Me and my sister went to a coffee shop for breakfast. I got bored and chose ELLE from the rack while waiting for the rest of our orders. I was sipping a cup of coffee while going through the pages. That’s “bougie”. Haha.

There are perfume samples in that edition and oh my glob, I’ve never smelled anything similar to those scents. So they were added on my wish list.

Here’s an updated list:

D&G Light Blue


The Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue perfumes represent the aroma of sparkling summer days yielding to evocative evenings, of warm flesh and roused ardour. They describe a story in which man meets woman. The Designers are extremely proud of Light Blue’s legacy, which includes several perfume awards. Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue featured in an exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York as one of the century’s most groundbreaking scents.

Chanel No.5

The now and forever fragrance. The ultimate in femininity. An elegant, luxurious spray closest in strength and character to the parfum form. The sleek, portable signature bottle is perfect for the dressing table or travel.

Giorgio Armani Si

This luminous fragrance has been created for the modern woman who’s strong yet feminine, sophisticated yet charismatic. She embodies the very essence of chic Italian elegance and style. Sì Eau de Parfum is a modern chypre, reinvented with deep blackcurrant nectar, airy florals and musky blond wood. The scent is at first delicate, then lingers with mystery and later makes you remember her.

Ralph Lauren Romance


The women’s fragrance that evokes the timeless essence of falling in love. Discover the sensual essence of velvety woods, extravagant florals and seductive musk.

Spray on lavishly for a distinctly feminine sensuality.

I dislike fruity and sweet scents. I think I’m allergic to those. I had the worst colds when I smelled a fruity room spray. Most of the products mentioned above are gender-neutral in my opinion…. Although they’re in Women’s collection. I love the fresh smell like I just got out of the shower. It’s the only scent that do not cause me to sneeze.

If you can recommend other perfumes, please feel free share them.

Updated Skin Care Routine – May 2016

Hello everybody! I updated my skin care routine because I had to. The weather seriously affected my skin. The temperature in Manila is usually up to 35 °C (92°F) and the heat index can go up to 40°C or 100 °F. As a result, I have sebbohreic dermatitis

My sister has dermatitis too. Her dermatologist prescribed cleanser and creams. She allowed me to use them too.



Ceramide Cleanser
A skin with dermatitis lacks ceramide which is needed to moisturize skin’s layers. It’s a support to lessen dryness and crustiness. I’m thankful because my sister shared this. She got this in her dermatologist’s clinic at Makati Med.

Lush Fresh Farmacy
I use this when I’ve worn makeup on a long day. It makes me feel clean! Full review here


Lush Mask of Magnaminty
The best face mask I’ve tried. I keep coming back to it although it’s always out of stock. I told the SA it’s so hard to get one and asked when it is usually available. She said it’s either every month or every two months. Full review here


Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner
I’m on my 2nd bottle. It’s refreshing and doesnt dry out my skin. I still moisturize after because it has alcohol. That’s known for pore minimizing. It doesnt help with my pores though. Full review here


Etude House AC Clinic Gel Lotion
I use this for the rest of my face. I’m on my 2nd bottle now. I couldnt find any dupe for it. It’s lightweight and hydrates my acne prone skin. Full review here

Clobetasol with Aquaphor Cream
This is for severe dermatitis flare ups. It’s applied twice a day on the affected areas for 3-5 days.

Hydrocortisone Cream
It’s applied when dermatitis flare ups are subsided/mild. It’s also applied twice a day on affected areas for 3-5 days. I’m using this as maintenance too.

Skin will look normal again once a flare up is gone. There is no cure for Dermatitis. All we can do is to control it by soothing and calming it. Extreme heat, sweat, health and intestine problems are some of the causes. Avoid everything that can trigger it because it’s really difficult to calm it down. It takes 3 to 7 days in our case. Click here to know more about it and its causes:

Types of eczema: click here

Sebbhoreic Dermatitis: click here

Liebster Award #5

Happy weekend, readers! I’m nominated again for the Liebster Award! Special thanks to Jessica Jade -Beauty for nominating me. I truly appreciate it. Please visit her blog for amazing beauty and lifestyle posts.:)

As usual, we have to answer the questions below. Scroll down and continue reading if you want to know more about me… And also check out the rules and questions I prepared for the nominees.:)



  1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you
  3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers that you think are deserving of the award
  4. Let the bloggers know you nominated them
  5. Give them 11 questions of your own

Jessica Jade’s questions
Why did you start blogging?
My blog was created for kpop fangirling. But I wanted my own content so it shifted to what it is now.

Do you have any pets?
Yes, we have 7 spoiled dogs

Do you still have anything from your childhood?
We still have Westlife and Meteor Garden’s F4 posters in our room. I’m a westlifer since I was 3 years old. Oh those days…

What type of posts do you love to write the most?
I like product reviews and some occasional rants.

What type of posts do you love to read the most?
Same as what I love to post and hauls. It feels like bloggers are talking to us while we’re sitting together on a couch. Haha! I’m happy when they’re so excited to share their hauls.

What’s your favourite post on your blog? (please link:))
Everything but my ultimate favorites are:
What blogging has taught me: click here
Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum: click here
Lush haul: click here
Lush reviews:  click here

What was the last film you watched?
Captain America: Civil War. I liked the story. I felt sad for Tony Stark though. We’re excited for the next Marvel movie.

How do you take your blog photos?
I take photos on my phone. I’m lazy! Haha. I lost my iphone. The quality right now is not as good. I can get away sometimes using natural/day lighting. That’s the best and my favorite.

What is your beauty must have?
I have a lot to mention. Lush Fresh Farmacy and Mask of Magnaminty are on the list. Hmmm you gave me an idea for my future post.☺

Have you got any advice for fellow bloggers?
Be consistent on posting whether you have small or large number of readers.

Tell me something random about yourself
I’m so clueless about my life. Aaaaah!

I nominate:

Here are some random questions for the nominees:

  • When did you start blogging
  • What’s your favorite song right now?
  • Who is/are your favorite youtuber(s)?
  • Your favorite restaurant and their specialty
  • Favorite ice cream flavor
  • Favorite store(s) to visit
  • One thing that makes your day
  • Would you rather go back in time or take a peek of the future?
  • So far what’s the best thing that happened to you in 2016?
  • How do you motivate yourself?
  • Your favorite quote

Congratulations nominees! You deserve it. Dont forget to inform us if you’ve already done this tag so we can read your answers.💗

Make sure to visit their websites.:)

Annoying Things People Do To Someone With Acne

What’s good guys? Here’s a little rant for you all. People with acne go through a lot of things like being judged, losing confidence and even depression.

Recently, I’m into watching birth control and accutane experiences on Youtube. I heard their stories and the comments they get from people. Their videos inspired me to create this post.

All of us want to explain but we dont do that in real life. So I made all the explanations because we dont want to repeat everything like broken recorders.


Asking us: “What happened to your face?”
Okay we get it. You dont have to rub it in… and you dont have to ask that question in front of everybody.

images-4Image from

Giving advice like “You just have to wash it with soap and water”
Said by a person who never had acne. Uhhhhm. Sure, we havent done that before. *sarcasm*. Those steps aren’t enough. There are different ways that trigger acne. I know you’re concerned but why would you give that kind of advice if you’ve never experienced it?

imagesImage from

Some people think we’re dirty because of acne.
Well, we keep our skin clean although it isnt obvious. We have multiple skin care steps: double cleansing, steaming, mask, toner, moisturizer and spot treatment. We have sensitive skin and it needs extra care. Plus our diet and discipline are on point too.

images-1Image from

Blaming makeup, “oh that’s because you wear makeup”
We probably wouldnt bother to cover it up if our society isn’t cruel. For some, makeup can cause breakouts unless you thoroughly remove them & if you know the ingredients to avoid. But acne is hormonal in most cases. It’s treated inside the body. Birth control pills & isotretinoin/accutane are the last options for severe acne.

images-8Image from

Touching your face and Not looking in our eyes while we’re talking
Oh we know acne can be distracting sometimes but can you please look straight in our eyes while we talk and stop touching your face? Checking if you got one, huh? It’s not contagious. You wont get it simply just by talking to us.

images-7Image from

I’m also experiencing all the things listed above. If you’re in the same situation, please remember that we’ll get through this.

So share this post the next time someone says these things to you. Let’s enlighten them.😂

I hope others will read this too even if they’re not in our situation. Words can hurt and can affect a person’s life whether it’s acne related or not. We can’t deny it.

What Blogging Has Taught Me

I celebrated my blog’s 6th anniversary last May 10. My blog grew a little bit in terms of posts, views, engagement and collaborations. I learned a lot in those years.

People find support and advice from us especially those who are going through the same thing
The main reason why I created this blog is to share my experiences. It’s either after undergoing dermatological treatments or using products for acne prone skin. My blog gets engagements from those post types.

Giveaways will help your blog’s growth
I’ve seen a lot of bloggers who are hosting giveaways. It’s an effective technique to make your community grow. I was still a student until my blog’s 5th year. I didnt have enough funds to host my own. I’m giving back this year with a little gift for you.☺

My english and writing skills have improved a lot.
I prefer to use english because it’s the universal language. It has wide reach and almost everyone can understand it. It’s my second language so please excuse if I have grammatical errors. I practiced it before by talking to kpop fangirls. I continued it through blogging. Now I find writing essays easy. I have to work on the speaking part though… So I can finally create my own Youtube channel. Haha!

Blogging allowed me to practice my “degree” even before I graduate.
I got Marketing Management degree last year. It was a great experience to collab with different brands while I was still in school. It’s a fulfillment when brands are satisfied with our content. After sending them blog post links, I love to read their email response. It’s the only thing in my life that I’m proud of.

I was able to try products and newly released items.
I never thought it would happen. It became one of the best accomplishments I’ve made. I’m excited to try new products. It’ll always be a privilege. We have the opportunity to try them out few days or weeks before their release date.

Blogging taught me to stay honest and true to myself
I’m glad brands understand we have testing periods. Sure, we receive items but we like honest reviews. I like to test them for a few weeks or even months before publishing posts. I also read other blogs. I’m a reader too and I want honest opinions.

I learned how to control impulse buying
Consumerism is known in the beauty community. We’re all excited especially when we just got in this community. But throughout the years, you’ll realize you’re buying too much and you dont even use them. Good thing, my mind is set to finish all the products sent to me before buying anything. Publishing other contents aside from reviews help too. Just like this post or tips and rants. Your mind will take a break from thinking about products. It reduces your hoarding hormones, if that’s a real thing.😂

What have you learned from blogging? We’d love to know. Share them below.💗

Oh btw, the giveaway will be announced real soon. Once I fixed everything, it’ll be posted here, on Facebook and Instagram.

Review: Belo Kojic + Tranexamic Acid Intensive Whitening Bar

Trying more local/Philippine brands are in my New Year’s Resolution for 2016. It’s almost half of the year and this is the first local brand I’ve used. We can tell that I’m failing and I’m not good at new year’s resolutions. Haha!

Anyway, I bought this because it has salicylic acid for acne unlike other whitening soaps. I got it for my dark spots too. Kojic soap dries my bacne (back acne) before so I gave this a shot.

BELO’s most intensive whitening bar yet that boasts of the unique combination of today’s two most powerful whitening actives.

Kojic Acid is an organic compound that effectively inhibits the production of tyrosinase and melanin, giving skin a visibly lighter appearance. Tranexamic Acid is a peptide proven to inhibit inflammation and melanin formation. It is ideal for stubborn dark spots that do not respond to other skin lightening ingredients.

Size: 65g

Other information & Ingredients:


-Affordable, Php 59 ($1.25)
-Has 4 exfoliating ingredients (Salicylic, Lactic, Kojic and Tranexamic) compared to other brands
-No peeling/micropeeling
-More on brightening, not whitening
-Has salicylic and lactic acid for acne
-Helps to dry my pimples even cystic acne

-Melts easily
-Stings the eye, avoid that area
-Too harsh if used daily on the face because of its exfoliating ingredients
-Triggered my dermatitis

It quicky dries up blemishes. Even my cystic acne doesn’t last for a week. As for whitening, I didnt see any drastic change on my dark spots because they are deep. It’s more of brightening effect that gives you glowing skin.

Its active ingredients are 4 types of acid. That’s quite strong. This is definitely an exfoliating bar. Do a patch test first if you have sensitive skin. Be sure to apply moisturizer after and lotion for the body. Apply sunblock if you’re going out.

I suggest using it only on the area where there’s a blemish or where you want to whiten. I highly recommend this for drying blemishes especially bacne.

First Impression: SKQIN Dual Sissi Mask – Gold & Silver Sissi

These were included in Wishtrend’s package. My first impression is they all look weird. They’re not like your regular sheet masks. Which is way better in my opinion.

There are 2 variants, Gold sissi for anti-aging and moisturizing while Silver Sissi is for anti-aging and brightening.


Gold Sissi: The product which has the instant improvement for wrinkles with filling moisturizing that has lifting effect.

Silver Sissi: The instant improvement for wrinkles with filling moisturizing, the instant whitening with using BIO BRIT 3 Complex through the long study.

-Affordable, a set of 5 sheets is priced at $17. It’s discounted now on Wishtrend’s website for $15.75
-Sheets are thick and wont rip apart
-Light lemon scent
-The ear part does help to match any face shape
-Good amount of essence to make the sheet moist
-This mask covers my entire chubby face including the jaw area. Normal sheet masks neglect that area.
-Doesnt slide off and I can move freely
-Moisturizing and calming

-None so far

Here’s my selfie. I put it on then watched tv while eating ice cream cake. Haha.


It’s my first time to try a mask that covers the jaws too. I thought they’re just made to help you get that v-shape. These were also designed to fit any face shape. It does feel like that because all parts of my face absorbed the essence.

The silver variant has instant whitening after every use but it’s only temporary like other brands. Both variants are moisturizing but I prefer the gold one because I have dry patches right now.

Overall, these are good addition to any routine. No breakouts for me. They’re like customizable masks because they’ll fit with your face shape. It wont slide off so you can do whatever you want while it’s on your face. I’d totally recommend these.

Get them on