Bunny Free app by PETA: Search for cruelty-free brands easily

I remembered the rabbit video that went viral on Facebook. I did not watch it because I know I’ll just be sad. I started to search for cruelty free brands that are locally available (mostly U.S. brands) like NYX, The Body Shop, E.L.F. & Murad.

Then I stumbled upon PETA’s website and found a link for the Bunny Free app. There’s no information yet for korean brands. The only korean company that I know which made in the list is Adwin Corporation. It’s the maker of Purederm and Skinlite if I’m not mistaken. If you find korean brands, please let me know. I just wish korean brands will also have info in this app. :)

It looks like this:

You can easily find out whether your chosen brands are testing on animals or not. There are other useful information like the brand’s address, contact number and website.

PETA says they have the most up to date and accurate data for the brands. They recommend to check back because they’re updating the list regularly. They made it easier for us consumers to find brands’ info. It’s great that PETA made an app like this. They are adapting to the trend today to spread their campaign which makes it stronger.

This app is available for iOS and Android.

Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated by for this award. Many thanks to you. :) ❤️


Rules for the versatile Award
1. Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
2. Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
3. Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
4. Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link back to the post on your site announcing their nomination.
5. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

7 things about me:

  1. I buy skincare products more than clothes, bags/accessories & shoes
  2. I visit a lot of online shops everyday
  3. I was in 6th grade when I used to be obsessed with web and graphic designing because of Friendster.
  4. I prefer salty foods than sweets which is still bad.
  5. I like to have my weekly “me time”.
  6. I have deep voice, I sound like a man and like a zombie. It’s a miracle if an agent on the phone will call me “Ma’am or miss” 😂

Welp, those are the random things about me. Now it’s your turn. :)

I nominate:

1. Rinesoo
2. Rubie’s Life
3. Hana1220
4. Veritazy
5. Auntie Snail
6. RavishingRoses
7. NotQuiteLondon
8. Kelly Jung
9. Sharingisbeautiful
10. Silktherapy
11. Thelifeofkristyn
12. throughthelookingglassanddowntherabbithole
13. Megan
14. Carbon&pearls
15. Alisa Wong

I hope you’ll enjoy sharing with us some random things about you. :)

Review: Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil (Moisture)

I ran out of cleansing oil tissues and makeup remover wipes. I finally decided to try this. I had no idea what it will do to my oily skin. This is my first time to try a cleansing oil. I got this as one of the freebies in my April 2015 Birthday haul.


What is it?
Moist textured Cleansing Oil formulated with Argan and Babassu Oils gently removes tough waterproof makeup while protecting and moisturizing skin. Effectively removes the following makeup : Eyeliner, Mascara, Lipstick, BB Cream, Eye Brow.


Apply 2~3 pumps to dry hands and massage onto dry skin. Emulsify by adding lukewarm water (the oil will turn milky white) then rinse thoroughly.

Honestly, I didnt follow the directions. For a lazy person like me, here’s what I do. I put some oil on a cotton pad then wipe it on my face. And put some again on the other side until I feel everything is removed then rinse off. After rinsing, I immediately proceed to my facial wash. The cotton pad helps to get all the makeup too.

Before and after:  Continue reading

Review: Garnier Light Complete Milky Lightening Dew Toner

Good evening readers! Tonight’s review is about a toner that I bought last month. I stopped using toners for a month because of my chickenpox. Im in search for a toner that will cleanse my skin very well. So I stumbled upon this Garnier toner at a counter. I bought it because was curious about its consistency.


What is it:
Its fresh milky formula is enriched with Pure Lemon Essence to help skin smoother, lighter, softer and the complexion more even.

Apply with a cotton pad, avoiding the eye contour



– Affordable. Php 179
– It’s huge!
– Instantly gives moisture to my skin after washing my face
– You can actually use this as moisturizer. Its consistency is like a lotion type.
– It did not add up to my skin’s oiliness
– Absorbs pretty well
– Doesnt leave film

– Dries up quicky. You have to keep on re-applying the product to fully remove makeup
– Feels like it doesnt completely remove my makeup. Im not used to its consistency.

– Not sure if this caused my past breakout.

I stopped using this on the face. It might have an effect on my breakouts since it’s thick. My face is lighter than my neck even if I don’t have makeup. I dont want to waste anything. I’m going to use it on my neck. Our neck needs some love too! Haha. :P

10 things I did to survive in college

College, the survival of the fittest. Sabi nga nila, matira matibay. My formula= 40% prayers, 40% hard work and 20% rewarding myself.

1. Know yourself
You should know yourself. You have to be clear about what you want in life and the career you’d like to have. You should also know your attitude towards everything like socializing and study habits.

2. Dont know what course to take? Take a break to save your parents’ money and think about it.
I had no idea what I wanted during my first year. I did not take it seriously plus I got sick. It came to a point that I dropped out in some subjects which leads to wasting money. I took a break for one semester. I searched different courses and see if something matches my interests/hobbies. I remembered my professor said “if you dont know what you want in life and you know you’re just going to fail subjects, take a break from school so your parents’ money wont be wasted. Your parents work really hard so please think about them too, not just yourself”

3. Dont like the school? Transfer to another one.
My chest felt heavy everytime I go to my first university. It just didnt feel right for me. And I didnt like a professor because he made fun of my sickness and humiliated me in front of the class. I transferred to another university which is also near at my former uni. I didnt have any heavy feelings. It felt right. I’m glad I transferred to another school. Continue reading

Review + Swatch: THE FACE SHOP Black Label Lipstick in #11

Happy friday readers! Today’s review is about my current everyday lipstick. My sister gave this to me. It’s in shade #11 Lovely Pink. My other lipsticks were already expired so I threw them away. :(


What is it?
“One touch of this product brings vivid color and keeps the lips moisturized for a whole day”




– Available locally
– I love the shade
– Natural looking, it’s not matte nor too glossy
– Perfect for everyday makeup
– It’s an all in one product. It’s like a lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss at the same time
– Did not experience dryness
– It does keep my skin moisturized

– Doesnt last long

I rarely buy lipsticks because I always think they cause dryness. Overall, I like this one. It did not create chapped lips even after hours. It managed to moisturize my lips. I just wish it was long lasting though. :) ❤️

What’s your favorite lipstick right now? :) ❤️

Review: Aritaum Full Cover BB Cream + Korean Cosmetics-Philippines Giveaway

Good afternoon readers! It’s time for a bb cream review. This is my second bb cream for this year. It’s in 01 light beige. Aritaum became really popular last year because of their Full Cover range. Which includes this item and the liquid concealer. :)

This was sent to me by Korean Cosmetics-Philippines. Oh btw, they have an on going local giveaway (click here). They’ll be picking two winners and will receive Aritaum Full Cover BB cream in natural beige and Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream. Be sure to like their page on Facebook and follow the giveaway mechanics. :) ❤️


Now let’s proceed to reviewing this item, shall we? :)

Before and after photos (BB cream alone, no setting powder or foundation)
First: This bb cream covered my deep hyperpigmentation when dabbed thrice.
Second: It covered my chickenpox scar when dabbed twice or thrice
Third: It covered my dark circle when applied once



  • 50 ml is a big size that could last for months
  • The bb cream’s consistency is not thick and not too liquidy
  • SPF 50 + PA++ will protect you from the sun
  • Little goes a long way
  • Satin finish just like a normal skin
  • Still gives you that glow but not to the point you’re too oily
  • Lasts for a whole day for me
  • Did not cause breakouts
  • Provides great coverage although it’s consistency is not thick at all
  • Works well on red spots


  • Available in 2 shades only (light and natural beige)

Note this bb cream is not completely removed by water so be sure to thoroughly cleanse your face after a long day. Use cleansing tissues or better if cleansing oil before washing your face with foam cleanser then toner.

Overall, I like this bb cream because of its coverage. I think it works as a concealer too if you dont have much flaws. You can put translucent powder to set it. If you want more coverage like me, put powder foundation on top of it. :) ❤️

What’s your current bb cream? Let us know. ;)

Special thanks to Ms. Karla of Korean Cosmetics-Philippines for the opportunity :)