Rant: My flaws boosted their confidence

I am always judged because of my flaws especially on the face. All flaws are noticeable if you have fair skin. Right? Unfortunately, some or even most (Im not saying all, ha?) people here in our country love to comfort themselves by looking for flaws of those who have fair skin. Idk but I really think we’re all vain here. Almost all the people that I talk to keep on looking at my skin. I rarely see people who can talk to me using eye to eye contact.

I experienced this a lot of time and here are some that I will never forget. The first one was when I was riding a jeepney. There were two friends who were talking and saying not all fair skinned people are beautiful. They looked at me then they laugHed. (Well actually it’s always the most comforting message here but I think it’s the same when you have kayumanggi skin but if your attitude is like that, you’re ugly too so quits lang)

The second thing that I remember and hated was the evaluation of my internship. Guess what my supervisor wrote for my weakness? Wear more makeup. I was hoping that my weakness is about my performance or attitude. Third, there was an employee in that company who joked our friend while having lunch. Oh look, Diana’s skin is really fair. Then our “friend” reacted and said “I may have dark skin but Im flawless” with a smirk on her face.

I still think it’s good that I made them all feel better about themselves and I might have even raised their confidence level. I just dont like that people will only feel good about themselves when they judge others. All they said affected my self esteem. I actually do not want to socialize with friends unless it’s a school thing. Yep, if you’re my friend and reading this. Now you know why I’m not always going to our hangouts.

(If you have flawless skin, then you’re lucky because you dont have to spend A LOT of money. I’m really trying my best to remove these dark spots and lessen my pimples. I just had chickenpox last month and it added to my dark spots that cant be fully covered by makeup. I still have to socialize for the rest of this month. After our graduation, I will take a break and fix myself. I’m planning to buy a package of Revlite laser treatment. The package has four sessions so Im hoping that’s enough to minimize my imperfections. Im going to review that treatment soon!

P.S. I dont hate our country or its people. Im not also fishing for compliments. I keep on thinking about this since Febraury of this year after my internship. Thinking of it every night before I sleep too. I thought I needed to let it out already so I wont have any heavy feeling inside me.

Review: Flawless Pimple Injection

Good evening. This is another clinic service review. This is my quick remedy for cystic acne. I do not like to put spot treatment creams/gels anymore for those big ones because it will take forever before they’ll go away.

Im used to injections since I was a kid, but not for the face. I had my first pimple injection when I was in 2nd year college. I think that was 2013. I saw how convenient it was. You dont have to let the cystic acne stay for a week+ anymore! :)

What to expect:
-Pricking and extraction of acne if it’s not in the skin.
-A little pain
-Acne will subside a few hours after.
-Acne will be gone completely in 24 hours or 2 days max.

Here’s my before & after:


Left- before the treatment ; Right- 2 days after

– Available at all Flawless clinics
– The dermatologist was very nice and accommodating, had it done at SM Makati
– Quick solution
– Cystic acne will be gone after 1 or 2 days tops, for me.
– This one didn’t cause deep acne scar/pit.

– Pricey compared before (new price is 150 pesos, old price was 100 pesos)
– Might cause deep scar IF applied too much (all pimple injections are like that, not just in this clinic)

I like how it works on me since I get occasional breakouts that are huge. If you are used to needles, then there’s no problem for you to try this one. My dermatologist at Makati Med Plaza also has this service for 100 pesos. But, their clinic’s cutoff is 6pm. If you cant make it and have this done at later time, I suggest your book an appointment at Flawless because their cutoff is 8pm. :)

Review: LabDee Alpha Arbutin Serum

Good evening readers. Thai skincare products became famous in the Philippines last year. I was really curious because all the before and after effects look convincing. Yes, I’m a Marketer but still believe in some advertisements.

This is my second thai product. The first thing I’ve tried was Pasjel’s Body Cream. Anyway, I bought this because I wanted a whitening serum to help fade my dark spots. I originally want another serum but it’s really expensive. This one is affordable and doesn’t actually hurt my wallet.



Im assuming these are the ingredients:


And here’s how the serum looks like after application



  • affordable. Bought it around 230php
  • 10ml size, which I think is good for those who want to try it.
  • available locally through online
  • few ingredients. Less is more, right?
  • didn’t cause irritation
  • absorbs quickly
  • doesn’t leave film
  • it did brighten up my skin


  • the quality changed and not liquidy, not the same with the photos online.
  • no improvements on my dark spots

There you have it. Did you try any skincare products from Thailand? Let me know. ;)

Lip Tint Pack: Latest Korean Cosmetics Trend

Hello readers! I am seeing a lot of people asking for the price of Berrisom Lip Tattoo Packs. It’s the leader when it comes to this trend. But, there are other options to choose from depending on the price that fits your budget.

Here are the list of products I have searched on gmarket and I wanted to share them with you guys. The info below includes the brand, product name, price excluding shipping fee and the gmarket links.

Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack
*KRW 11,900 to 15,000 (approx. PHP 473+)
gmarket link: click here


SKINAZ The Kissable Lip Tattoo
*KRW 9,000 (approx PHP 358)
gmarket link: click here


The Saem Saemmul Wrapping Tint
*will release two other colors
*KRW 4,000 – 5,000 (approx. PHP 159+)
gmarket link: click here


The Secret Key Chubby Jelly Tint Pack
*KRW 8,900 (approx. PHP 354)
gmarket link: click here


Skinfactory Lip Tattoo Pack
*KRW 17,900 on Wishtrend (approx. PHP 712)
gmarket link: click here


Lafontaine Long Lasting Lip Color
*KRW 6,500 (approx. PHP 258)
gmarket link: click here


Monomola Long Lasting Lip Color
*KRW 15,000 (approx. PHP 597)
gmarket link: click here


Mizon Color Lip Tint Pack
*KRW 12,000 (approx. PHP 477)
gmarket link: click here


Bling Some Lip Tattoo Mask Pack
*KRW 13,500 (approx. PHP 537)
gmarket link: click here


I hope this post helps you. I want to try this lip tint packs but won’t include it on my daily makeup. I personally think it’s a bit time consuming but I hope they really do last longer compared to other lip makeup. Btw, I’ll be reviewing products again starting tomorrow. I’ve been busy with school works last week that’s why I didn’t post anything. I’ll be back tomorrow! :D

Korean Skincare Products with Highest Snail Mucin Filtrate

Hello Readers! I’m really obsessed with skincare and I couldn’t decide what to get. I just want to share with you the products that contain the highest snail secretion filtrate. We dont know how to find out the amount of the contents but I’m basing on their descriptions.

A lot of people are loving this skincare trend. I did too because it prevented breakouts and healed my existing pimples. But unfortunately my skin got used to it so I took a break. I’ll get back to snail slime and try one of these products again soon.

Remember, the higher the snail slime, the better.

Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence – 90% concentration
Purebess Snail School Gel – 90% concentration

2 purebess
The Skin Shop Premium Secret Snail Vital Mucin Cream – 90% concentration

5 the skin shop
Tony Moly Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel – 90% concentration
*This one is already available locally at Php 548

3 tonymoly

Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream – 92% concentration

6 mizon

Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Ampoule – 92% concentration
*This one is already available locally at Php 2,528

4 tony moly ampoule

SKIN79 Snail Nutrition Ampoule – 93% concentration

7 skin79
Ciracle Snail Repairing Essence – 95% concentration
*This one is already available locally at Php 1,190. Check their website ciracle.ph

8 ciracle
Dr. MJ Real Mucin Restore Serum – 95% concentration

9 drmh
Ramosu Carestory Snail Mucin Filtrate – 100% concentration

10 ramosu

Well, there you have it. I hope this post will be useful for your skincare needs. Dont forget to leave a comment if you know other products so we can add it to this post and I will mention your name. Have a great day! ;)

First Impression: Grinif Rawganic Jojoba Golden Oil

Good evening readers! This is a first ever “first impression” post. I’ll post what I think about a product after using for the first time. Just to give you an idea about a new product.


Btw, I got this from Memebox Daily Dose of Beauty. Grinif is a korean brand which uses natural ingredients. It’s tag line is “Skintherapy by nature”. Rawganic refers to non processed, purely natural ingredients.

Here’s the full description:
imageFull Ingredients:

Jojoba Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate

Apply desire amount, press slightly using fingers to help skin absorb the oil faster.

My swatches:


Here’s what I think about after using the product:

– Love the classy packaging
– 50 ml which is big. You can use this for a long time.
– Few ingredients, very few. You’re sure that the product is organic.
– Smells really good. Lavender scent is soothing and relaxing. Im thinking of putting it on my neck before I sleep to helps me relax.
– Little goes a long way
– Very moisturizing. Dry skin will love this.
– It takes longer to be absorbed compared to other moisturizers
– Jojoba oil is multifunctional. It can also be mixed with foundation for a dewy look and can be a highlighter alone
– Makes skin glow, like you’ve just used a highlighter.

Overall, this is good for those who need moisturizing and those who like to boost skin. For oily skin like me, you might not like this because it gives glow and skin might get too glowy if you’re oily already. It’s multifunctional as an aid for dewy look and highlighter. I got those tips from Wayne Goss.

Review: RHEA Salicylic Acid 10% Solution

Good evening readers! I hope you are having a great Saturday. Tonight’s review is about my current spot treatment for acne. Let’s see if this works for me.

I’m in search for the best spot treatment and a member of my facebook group recommended this one. I thought it might be effective plus it’s really affordable compared to other products. I finally decided to buy this because I want to minimize spending on pimple injections for cystic acne and facials for small ones. Of course, I still do that but for cystic ones only.

Here’s the packaging:

Here’s a tip:
– Use a cotton bud and dab the product on the pimple.
– To minimize the sting, stay in front of a fan just like what doctors do when you have
chemical peels
– Buy the smallest size because it’s sensitive to air, see the cap above.

– Comes in three sizes. This one’s 60 ml at PHP 35.25 (I bought this because it’s the smallest size at the store that time)
– Available at Mercury Drugstores and I also saw this is available at Puregold supermarket.
– Can be used for acne and warts
– This is concentrated, pure salicylic acid
– Helps to dry up pimples
– It does help to remove pimples
– I actually like the peeling of the skin because it helps to minimize the appearance of my hyperpigmentation

– It stings more compared to other spot treatments I’ve tried (of course it’s pure)
– Doesn’t do much on cystic acne (dry up or remove)
– Can spill so make sure to store it in a safe place

Overall, Im still satisfied with this because it helps to minimize those pesky pimples. The peeling of the pimples and around them make a difference. The hyperpigmentation is lighter compared to other spot treatments I’ve used. It would’ve been better if it can dry up my cystic acne on cheeks. If it does, it will surely be my holy grail. :)