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My Top 5 Makeup Removers

18 Feb

I’ve been doing reviews since this year has started. Honestly, I’m already getting tired of it. So we’ll do the Top 5 series this week. I’ve tried a lot of makeup removers since I got into skin care. I have extremely oily and sensitive skin that’s prone to breakouts. I’m skeptical to use new products. Most of them are okay and some became my favorite. For the past six years, here are the products I’d gladly repurchase.

Skinlite Make-up Cleansing Tissues


I’m using this for 2 years now since I couldn’t find Purederm’s Acne Cleansing Wipes. It has green tea, chamomile, sage,  lavender, rosemary, aloe, ginseng and allantoin for cleansing. Its size, texture and performance are the same with Purederm’s. No breakouts too. I usually get mine in the beauty section of Landmark Makati. 30 sheets for Php 89

Etude House Every Month Cleansing Tissues


This has many cleansing ingredients too. It’s packed with broccoli, tea tree, garlic, camellia leaf, apple, rice bran, aloe, avocado, blueberry, oatmeal, spinach, cucumber, walnut & wine extracts. What I like most about it is its size. It’s bigger compared to other makeup wipes. One sheet is actually big for my full face makeup. I could get the most out of it and remove everything. Available at your local Etude House branches and kiosks. 15 sheets for Php 128 / 50 sheets for Php 248

Purederm Acne-Cleansing Wipes


I think this is phased out already but this was my first ever favorite. The cloths are moist enough to remove my full face makeup. It had no specific scent in my opinion. I was using this when I had many breakouts. It did not aggravate my acne. I remember this was under 100 pesos too.

Loreal Refreshing Micellar Water


My first micellar water. It has minimal ingredients. It really feels refreshing while you’re wiping off makeup. It feels like I’ve already washed my face. No sticky feeling. It says no need to rinse but I still proceed to my face wash and other steps because we can’t skip those. I didn’t break out while using this. This is good for 6 months use after opening. 250ml for Php 225

Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil – Moisture


Cleansing oils are for heavy duty makeup. I’ve only used one and it’s from Etude House. I followed the instructions after I posted my full review on this. The results were better. My makeup melted away plus it foams up when rinsed with water. It added moisture to my skin. A great prep step especially if you’re using a drying face wash. Little goes a long way. It has a light lemon scent. It did not cause breakouts. 185ml for Php 848

My Favorite Youtubers: Skits, vlogs, beauty, lifestyle & health

16 Jul

I used to watch music videos on Youtube in 2006. That was a long time ago. Haha! I found out there are other contents aside from music. I have a lot of favorites but I selected the top on my list.

Skits & Vlogs

Kevjumba / Kevin Wu
My first ever favorite Youtuber. He did skits, rants and vlogs. Probably the first content creator to “vlog”. He’s a realist and discussed real world issues. I like that his dad were in some videos too. We rarely see a parent to participate in those especially if it requires acting. He’s inactive now but at least we can still watch his old videos. I’m following his blog. He’s back in college. I wish him all the best.

Nigahiga / Ryan Higa
A very smart and punny guy. Yes, punny. He consistenly gives quality content. He puts so much effort. His friends do too in making costumes, filming and editing. As with BTS, I think he didnt change even if he’s successful now. It’s like I’m still watching the Ryan Higa in 2006.

TheDominicShow / D-trix
I knew him because of YTF. Friends with Kevjumba, Ryan Higa, Victor King and Andrew Garcia. He does skits, choreography and food challenge. That’s what makes him unique. I like to watch choreos aside from skits and vlogs. He’s a member of Quest Crew. They won Season 3 of America’s Best Dance Crew.

Superwoman / Lily Singh
I saw her in my recommendations. She uploads on a weekly basis too. I love that her jokes are not offensive. I think she’s like outgoing. She spreads so much positivity and I like that personality.


Wayne Goss
I found his channel when I searched for acne scar remedy. He said he used to have acne. I can’t tell. He’s just gorge! He’s a pro makeup artist. Most of his reviews are high-end brands. They’re straight to the point. He’s into skin care too. I like that he doesnt follow the instagram makeup.

I watched his “The Power of Makeup”. I instantly liked him because he loves full coverage. Full coverage is my thing. I find it very satisfying when I see him do his foundation routine. He’s a makeup artist. His style is more of drag queen. He does tutorials, transformations and vlogs. He’s Filipino and family oriented. I can see that in his vlogs. It’s refreshing to see guys who like makeup.

Makeup Geek
A makeup brand owner. Marlena knows what she’s talking about. She’s the only youtuber who thoroughly discusses product ingredients. That’s why her brand is easy to trust. In her reviews, she also mentions an ingredient which might not be good for a skin type. She’s honest about her own products too. She says the pros and cons whether it still has a faulty packaging or work in progress. The best thing is she accepts constructive critisms and suggestions to make her brand better.

I found her blog maybe 5 years ago. She used to have acne. She shared the treatments she has undergone. She’s very patient in answering all my acne-related questions. Yes, all; comment and private message on Youtube, email and blog comments. I felt that she really wanted to help make my skin better too. I think she’s the first Philippine-based creator who reached 500,000 subs.

Ana Victorino
I immediately subscribed to her channel when I saw her entry for Etude House. Her entry was unique. She uses a lot of local drugstore brands in her tutorials. That’s what I like about her. Her videos make me want to buy more local products. I asked her what brush quality does she recommend for different uses. Synthetic for liquids and fine hair for powder.

Lifestyle & Health

Charles Gross
He’s a perfume and bag collector. He used to sell bags so he definitely knows his thing. He lives in New York and he recommends places to visit there. He has story time about sales associates, customers, experiences and sex. I can tell that he’s naturally classy, not the in-your-face type.

Grav3yardgirl / Bunny
Bunny does makeup tutorials, DIYs, product tests, fashion and other hauls. My favorites are “Does This Thing Really Work” and “Pintertest”. I can tell that she’s real and down to earth. She also has tea vlogs where she talks about experiences, anxiety and etc.

Beckie0 / BeckieJBrown
I watched her Lush hauls. She used to work there. Now she’s a full time vlogger. She has anxiety / OCD. She discusses about it. A big help for me since it’s not talked about in our country.

How about you, who are your favorite content creators? Let us know. Also, please recommend other beauty related creators.☺

BB Creams under 500 Pesos ($10)

1 Jul

I was looking for an affordable face makeup. I dont spend much on them and if I did I always want them to be priced 500 pesos and below. I searched on different online malls. I decided to make a list for you guys so we have many options. All products in here are available in-stores and in department stores except for Avon.

I’m not sure if I should’ve not included their descriptions because they all work the same. But I did anyway since they differ in SPF, weight and added ingredients.

Below 300 Pesos

Rucy’s Vanity Gleamy BB Cream (30ml) – ₱200
Has Spf 20. A 5-in-1 BB Cream that perfectly covers skins imperfections giving your skin a natural flawless skin look. Combines as foundation, moisturizer & concealer in one. Reformulated to matte finish. Available in 2 shades.

Ever Bilena Advance BB Cream (50ml) – ₱220
Available in Anti-Wrinkle or Whitening. A whitening, foundation and moisturizing cream all rolled into one. It provides a flawless coverage while concealing blemishes and dark spots and protecting the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Pond’s Flawless White BB Cream (25g) –  ₱299
Clinically-proven to lighten blemishes and dark spots with GenActiv™, a combination of Niacinamide and 12HSA, that controls melanin production; brightens and evens-out skin tone; protects skin from harmful rays with SPF30 PA++; helps with oil control; natural light to medium coverage with dewy finish; non-sticky, non-oily formula with light, clean scent. Available in 2 shades.

Below 400 Pesos

Collage 2016-06-28 00_06_53-1

Holika Holika Petite BB Cream (40ml) –  ₱325
Spf 25, 30 & 45. Available in Shimmering (with pearl powder), Bouncing (with caviar components), Clearing (with tea tree oil), Moisturizing (with hyaluronic) and Aqua (with green tea & glacial milk).

Celeteque Brightening Multi-Benefit BB Cream (30ml) – ₱325
BioWhite™ to help reduce wrinkles and lighten dark spots. BioBenefity™ which provides brightening benefits. Laricyl to immediately minimize pores. Silica for absorbing excess sebum. SPF 15 for daily sunscreen protection.

Avon Skin Goodness Moisturizing/Whitening BB Cream (18g) –  ₱349
Has Spf 20. It feature a light to medium coverage and a thin and highly spreadable formula. It also has moisture essence which leaves the skin refreshed and moisturize. Enriched with Vitamins A, C & E

Belo Whitening Kojic Tranexamic BB Cream (50ml) – ₱349.75
Protect your skin from the sun and keep it rosy and smooth using Whitening Kojic Tranexamic BB Cream by Belo. It has tone correcting formula that evens out skin tone and leaves a flawless natural finish, Kojic Acid and Tranexamic Acid which whiten skin deeply and reduces the appearance of stubborn dark spots, and SPF 50 and PA+++ that protects skin.

4U2 Celebrity BB Cream (20g) – ₱384
Specially formulated to deliver bright, even, natural skin tones. Celebrity BB Cream has SPF 35. It acts as a make-up base, foundation and sun screen. Apply all over the face with fingers, sponge or brush applicator.

Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Cover BB Cream (30ml) – ₱385
Has spf 30. Delivers medium to full coverage; helps control sebum with sugar and cotton extracts; melting cotton candy texture leaves a soft, smooth, fresh look; lotus water minimizes the appearance of pores; peony extracts protect skin from environmental pollution; moisturizes, nourishes, and protects skin. Available in 2 shades.

Tony Moly Delight Petite Cotton BB Cream (30g) – ₱398
Covers and conceals imperfections; moisturizes, nourishes, and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles with Hawaiian deep sea water and mild bebe calming complex; formulated with enhanced sebum-control function; brightens and whitens skin to leave it looking radiant, even in tone and texture; protects with SPF 36 PA++.

Maybelline Super BB Cream (30g) – ₱399
Delivers high coverage with a natural-looking finish; formulated with a mineral guard filter and anti-pollution, anti-oxidation properties; protects skin from dirt, dust, and heat; shields against harmful UV rays with SPF50 PA++++; smoothens, brightens, and evens out skin tone; blurs the appearance of large pores, acne scars, and dark blemishes. Available in 2 shades.

Below 500 Pesos

Loreal True Match BB Cream (30ml) – ₱400
With Spf 30. True Match BB cream is a smooth milky emulsion with a touch of tint for natural coverage and a luminous satin finish. A super-blendable, true to skin tone BB Cream. Available in 3 shades.

E.L.F. BB Cream (28ml) – ₱450
Mild formula gives an even, flawless finish; formulated with a light pigment that looks natural on skin; primes skin for makeup by minimizing fine lines; nourishes and hydrates skin with Vitamin E, jojoba, aloe, and cucumber; protects against sun damage with SPF 20. Available in 3 shades.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery BB Cream (33g) – ₱450
2-in-1 formula works as a weightless BB cream while providing long-lasting, double UV block sun protection, SPF 50; breathable and natural-looking coverage conceals lines and pores; Aqua-rich technology allows for blendable application; contains finely milled brightening powder for enhancing facial contours.

Pond’s Age Miracle BB Cream (25g) – ₱499
Formula oxidizes to adapt to all skin tones; sheer, buildable, natural-looking coverage; conceals spots, blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles; effectively lightens dark pigments with GenActive ingredient; nourishes skin like a moisturizer; provides UVA/UVB protection with SPF30. Available in 2 shades.

Pink Sugar It’s Awesome BB Cream (30g) – ₱499
Available in 4 shades. Delivers medium coverage for a smooth, poreless finish; nourishes skin with green tea extracts, aloe vera, and antioxidants; moisturizes, smoothens, and corrects skin tone; protects against UV rays with SPF 25

What’s In My Makeup Bag?

25 Jun

Today’s topic was requested by Pizzalush. You can check her Instagram here. Thanks for suggesting this!☺❤


What’s in my makeup bag? Hmm. I’ve never posted one before because there’s not much to see. These are basically the only makeup I own. I switch them depending on my mood for my daily routine. I also gave short reviews below. Let’s start~



Pink Sugar Our Lil Secret Concealer in 01
I tried the 02 shade. It matched my skin but it turned dark after a few hours. I switched to the lightest shade. It has medium coverage. It’s matte and long-lasting on my oily skin. It’s 13 ml for 299 pesos. Such a steal. The downside is it can accentuate pores. That’s the problem with water-based foundations and concealers. Full review here

The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Concealer Stick
I like to use this on my undereye area. It instantly brightens up the skin without the flashbacks. I’m going to try their best selling Dual Veil Concealer once I used this all up. Full review here

Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Foundation
I’m using this for almost 4 years now. I use this to set my makeup. It’s super matte and gives additional coverage. It’s so affordable. There’s P99, P169 and P240+. Full review here. Full review here



Etude House Monolid Eyelash Curler
It’s a gift from my sister. She chose this rose gold/copper-y color which we all know is the trademark colors of beauty v/bloggers😂. She said it’s way cuter than the silver one. I agree with her. It does the job for curling all lashes. Yaaay no more struggles for monolid peeps like me!!!😅

The Face Shop Freshian Big Mascara
Another gift from my sis. I’m spoiled. Hahaha. It lasts all day without giving me the panda look. Of course, it’ll smudge if you rub your lids. The brush separates the lashes really well. No clumps, just natural finish

E.L.F. Professional Eyebrow Pencil
This is a double-ended pencil. Little goes a long way since it’s wax. There’s also a concealer/highlighter to clean up any mess. Its cap has sharpener. I dont do it everyday. I look like Mona Lisa. Haha. I’m trying to grow and shape them in arch. I learned that straight brows are not for me. It makes my forehead larger. I have diamond-shaped face and big forehead. Arched brows will balance that area. Full review here



The Face Shop Black Label Lipstick in 11
My favorite lipstick shade for events, work and job interviews. It has satin finish. I like that it’s moisturizing. I can feel that it hydrates, no chapped lips! Full review here

Tony Moly Easy Touch Auto Lip Liner in 02
It doesnt feel sticky. It’s lightweight. The finish is matte but it has some glitters. It feels like I didnt put anything unlike the heavy feeling while using lipstick. This is not the most affordable lip liner out there. But the brush tip makes it easier for the product to even it out and control the color intensity. Full review here

Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick
This is a peachy shade. I like it because it brightens up and changes the look for everyday makeup. It’s also perfect for summer. It’s matte and lasts long. It’s affordable and best of all, cruelty free! Wet n Wild has wide range of colors.

Me Now Kissproof Lipstick
It’s so matte and lasts all day for me. No sticky feeling. The only downside is it needs to be sharpened. Ugggh that’s too much work for me. Haha. I think this collection has 17 shades. That’s a lot! All colors are trendy. You can choose from nudes and reds.

I’m planning to collect lipsticks but I’ll definitely get drugstore brands only. The challenge is, I want them all to be cruelty-free. Probably my collection will have Wet N Wild, L.A. Girl, Milani, Nyx, ELF, Human Nature and Pink Sugar.

Slowly making progress until I change all the products in my routines to cruelty-free. Minimize animal testing starting from making small changes.

I have self control now. I’ll only buy a product if the one I’m using is about to run out. Except for skin care. That’s a different thing of course. I’m obsessed with that. Haha!

Roast Yourself Challenge

17 Jun

PhotoGrid_1466163869786-1-1If you’re a Youtube fan, you probably know this already. Roast Yourself Challenge was made by Nigahiga. He noticed there’s so much negativity in the community. He decided to roast himself instead of saying bad things about others. He nominated D-trix, Superwoman, Jenna Marbles, Timothy DeLaGhetto, PewdiePie and Jeremy Lin to do it.

Basically, you have to rap or at least say some negative things about yourself. It’s either you gather the hate comments on your channel or what you really think about yourself.

It’s refreshing to watch them. I think the people who’ll do it are those who are realistic, confident enough and can take criticisms. I noticed that when a person says a negative thing about a youtuber, the youtuber will have a comeback by making a video where he/she bashes that person too.

I know there’s so much hate and arguments in the beauty community of Youtube compared to other contents. It’s full of drama. We all know that. Seriously, I want to see any beauty guru to do this challenge.

I think it’s such a creative challenge. Ryan never fails to impress me with all his ideas and intelligence.

Here are some of my favorite roasts:
Click the link to go to their video

Nigahiga: click here
D-Trix:  click here
Superwoman: click here
Timothy DeLaGhetto: click here
Alex Wassabi: click here

Which youtuber would you like to see doing this challenge?

Beauty Blogger Tag #2

10 Jun

Happy weekend everyone! Beauty Blogger tag is one of my favorite posts because you’ll get to know us better. Plus, it’s an excuse to do something aside from product reviews.😛

Harivain tagged me in this Q&A. Thank you for tagging me! Please visit Fierce Paint & Luxe Paint for more beauty content.

The rules:
-Tag the blogger that nominated you
-Answer the questions you were given
-Nominate 10 bloggers whose blog is about beauty/lifestyle/fashion
-Name 10 questions for your nominees to answer
-Inform the bloggers you chose that you nominated them

Harivain’s questions

One makeup product that you’d advise everyone to stay away from! Only one.
I’d say highlighter because our skin has natural glow. And if you’re oily like me, you’d know that we’re already “highlighted” even before it became a trend.😂

One skincare product that you’d advise everyone to stay away from! Only one.
Coconut oil. I know a lot of people use it as makeup remover. Yes, it does the job but it’s comedogenic and can block pores. Its level of irritant is 4-5 (which is one of the highest). Some broke out after using it for a long time.

If you could have your own makeup line what would you call it?
Attitude…. because we react differently to anything.😅 It comes in bright and dark colors. Sugarpill Cosmetics level. Bright for positive attitude and dark shades for negative.

If you could name an eyeshadow you created what would you call it? What hue would the eyeshadow be, what finish would it be (matte, pearlescent, shimmery), would it be a powder, a stick, cream, or loose pigment?
Sarcasm, it would be a creamy matte maroon/deep red shade in powder.

One makeup skill you think you haven’t mastered yet.
Contouring. I’ve tried it and it looked horrible on my filipino nose. Haha.

Do you like doing your makeup in silence or with something playing in the background (what do you play if you prefer the latter)?
I’m fine either way but most of the time I have music (usually 2000s and EDM songs) or just the sound of tv.

Which era of makeup are you most drawn to (20s, 40s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s) and what about that era do you like?
2010s daily korean makeup. It’s very simple and wearable. All you have to do is conceal imperfections with bb cream and/or concealer and set it with powder. I like their simple eye makeup too.

Waxing, threading or plucking. Eyebrows that is.
I use blade to clean my brows. My skin is thin and it bleeds if my brows are threaded/plucked.

Let’s keep this interesting. Tell us a beauty related joke!
This isnt a joke but I made a meme.


Camille Shern
R’s Beauty Diary
Swathi of Curious and Confused Me
Adryana’s Beauty Blog
Janella of Skin Diary
Kaye of Stay Pretty and be Happy
Lady Arizel’s Diary
Sophie’s Beauty on a Budget

My questions:
1. Your favorite beauty trend?
2. Your favorite makeup tools?
3. What else do you like to do aside from blogging?
4. If you were allowed to choose a collab, what brand(s) would you pick? Why?
5. The best thing about blogging
6. When and where was the last time you traveled?
7. Are you a travel bug or couch potato?
8. Name places in your country that you’d like to visit
9. Your guilty pleasures
10. Name a thing or two that make(s) you cringe

I’m sorry for asking random questions again. I’m bad at this. Hahaha. You dont have to do this tag. This isn’t mandatory. Go ahead if you want to. No pressure.☺😛

Filipino Tag Game

4 Jun

I was watching pinay youtubers (ItsJudyTime and ThatsHeart) and I saw this tag. I want to answer them although it’s old. Please feel free to answer them too.

First set

1. When was the last time you were in the Philippines
Right now. I’m here as I’m typing this.

2. Name 1 Filipino dish you enjoy the most? Why?
Sinigang! Pork belly, okra and kangkong (water spinach) are so delicious. It’s so easy to cook. We eat this almost on weekly basis.

3. Name 1 filipino household item that best resembles your culture
Tabo/dipper. We can’t poop without it. Most houses dont have bidet sprayer here. And that doesnt give enough water we need. It feels awkward when I use a sprayer. I prefer tabo.😂

4. Do you speak tagalog?
Yes. Sa totoo lang gusto ko sana puro tagalog na lang posts ko. Ang hirap kaya mag ingles.😂

5. Which part of the Philippines are you from?
Not gonna be very specific. Basta I’m from Metro Manila (NCR)

Second set

1. Do you live in the Philippines

2. What is a stereotype about Filipinos?
Everyone is a singer. Noooooooo!! Another one is the karaoke thing.

3. Do you own a karaoke machine?
When we were kids but not anymore.

4. Sing your favorite filipino song?
I know the classics: Nang isilang ka sa mundong ito, laking tuwa ng magulang mo at ang kamay nila ang iyong ilaw~

Obviously I cant sing (even in real life) so here’s the song used on The Voice Kids. Click here:

Anak by Freddie Aguilar- it’s such a beautiful song. It’s so good that it had translations in different languages.

5. Have you tried balut?
Yes! I tried it twice.

6. What’s your least favorite thing about being Filipino?
The crab mentality. They’ll try to pull down a successful person with all the side comments/hate. Another thing is being judgmental. That’s self explanatory.

7. What’s your favorite thing about being a filipino?
Almost everyone can speak and understand English. We also inherited cultures of the Spaniards, American & Chinese. Our dishes have different flavors talaga.

8. Do you eat Goldilocks on a regular basis?
Yes when we were kids. We loved the mocha cake roll.

9. Are you inseparable with your family?
Yes, my weekends (saturday and sunday) are strictly for family.

I think I’m done. I tag everyone who wants to do this. Please tell us if you’ve done it so we can read your answers!☺