Autographed Oneway Street Album

OMG!!! I am so happy right now, I cant move on! I shook hands with Peter, Young Sky and Chance. Peter said “Hi!… enjoyed the show?” With a hot smile on his face. 😀 Young Sky said “How are you? good?”. I think they did not hear my answers, I hope they dont think Im snob or something. 😀 Chance was so cool with his sunglasses. 😀 Man! I thought I was going to melt/die when they were shaking my hand and at the same time they were smiling and looking at me. Their hands were warm like I want to hold them forever, haha. Unlike ours because the temperature in the skydome is pretty cold. They are really really friendly and they really know how to make the audience scream. 😀 I dont want to wash my right hand anymore. haha. 😛


  1. U Drag
  2. One Way (my favorite! 😀 )
  3. Magic
  4. Wrong Number
  5. Casino (feat. Maria Kim)
  6. Magic (Remix)
  7. Magic (Instrumental)
  8. Wrong Number (Instrumental)
  9. Wrong Number (English)
  10. Wrong Number (Remix)
  11. Wrong Number (w/ Christian Bautista)

Bonus DVD:

  1. Magic MV
  2. Wrong Number MV
  3. One Way MV
  4. U Drag MV

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