Sorry For Party Rocking Tour: LMFAO Live in Manila

We went to LMFAO’s concert after going to another event.  Redfoo said that Skyblu wasn’t there because he’s sick. 😦 I hope he’ll get well soon. 🙂

DJs were mixing songs before the concert starts.


Redfoo’s looking fine as usual. 😀 ❤


Quest Crew and the Party Rock Crew were amazing as well. Every song was a crazy and fun moment. 😀


Here’s the setlist: Rock The Beat II, Sorry For Party Rocking, Get Crazy, Lil’ Hipster Girl, Take It To The Hole, Put That Ass To Work, I’m In Miami Bitch, I’m In Miami Bitch(Remix), Getting Over You(David Guetta cover), Boom Boom Pow(Remix, Black Eyed Peas cover), Shooting Star, I Am Not A Whore, One Day, Yes, Reminds Me Of You, Shots, Party Rock Anthem, Champagne Showers

The last song was Sexy and I Know It. 🙂 I love this part. Wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah! XD


Before the concert ends, Redfoo mixed songs through an iphone app. *so cool!* 😀


It’s the most fun concert I’ve been to. NO DULL OR BORING MOMENT! 😀  It should’ve been more fun and crazier if Skyblu was there. 😀 I hope they will go back. 🙂 This concert was held at the Araneta Coliseum on April 11, 2012.


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