Review: Snoe White Vitamin C-Rich Calamansi Whitening Detox Clay Mask

Whew! The name is really long. Haha.

Let’s get it started. I bought this last year. I think that was during my Christmas vacation. I was too lazy to apply masks on my face. I just started to use this continuously since I don’t want to spend money on facials. My dermatologist adviced me to have facials every two weeks. That’s 500 twice a month so that’s 1000 pesos per month for a student like me. That’s a huge amount! :P

Anyways. I’m glad to introduce to you my favorite mask from Snoe Beauty.🙂

I think this is perfect for me because clay masks are for oily skin skin problems. Here are the ingredients and instructions.🙂

There are no mineral oil, parabens and benzophenon. I always read the ingredients whenever I’m going to buy skincare and makeup products.

Those black particles are charcoals.🙂

Let’s proceed to the before and after pics.


What I like about it:

  • The effect: It gives an instant brightening/glowing effect.
  • Helps to dry pimples: It does help to minimize those pimples even the big ones.  I use this at least twice a week. I combine this with Snoe’s ShooZit Soap. They’re a good combination if you want to get rid of those pimples.🙂
  • The scent: For me it smells really good! The scent is fresh because of the Calamansi
  • The price: It’s affordable. It costs PHP 248. I forgot if that’s the exact price but I’m sure it wont cost more that 250 pesos.
  • A little amount goes a long way
  • It’s proudly Philippine made: Gotta love the products from your country🙂
  • The ingredients: Few ingredients which means they really focus on your skin concerns.

What I don’t like:

  • I just don’t like the rinsing part. I’m too lazy. LOL

Overall, this is a great product! Snoe is a Philippine beauty brand that uses only the ingredients with high quality for an affordable price.😉

Visit Snoe Beauty’s facebook:

Or shop Snoe Beauty products:

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