Review: Bifesta MOIST Cleansing Lotion

Hello readers! Im taking a break from reviewing korean brands this weekend. Tonight’s review is about my current makeup remover. I’m a fan of cleansing tissues until I’ve read that it can actually damage the skin’s surface. Plus there are a lot of preservatives on most tissues.


I was looking for a makeup remover. Bifesta’s product fits my budget. We all know I have acne prone skin. You might be wondering why I bought the moist type instead of the sebum type. Moist type is for dry and sensitive skin. I searched for reviews about sebum type. Some bloggers experienced sting. I’m prioritizing my skin’s sensitivity.

What is it:
Are you hesitant to use a makeup remover because your skin is dry? Don’t worry because Bifesta Cleansing Lotion- Moist is the right product for you! It contains ceramide-like ingredients to retain the moisture of the skin.


– Available locally
– One of the most affordable cleansing water in our country. Php 419 for 300 ml.
– Available in different types
– No parabens
– Feels refreshing and light on the skin
– No residue/film after use
– No sting
– Did not cause dryness.
– Effectively removes light to heavy makeup
– Can be used in the double cleansing step. You can use this even if you dont wear makeup. Use this after commuting or at the end of the day. Dirt/dust will be removed then proceed to your facial wash.

– Need more than one pump to completely remove makeup

– This can become pricey for others if used everyday.
– Not sure if this caused my minor breakouts. Im using 2 new products in my skincare routine.

I dont mind if it wont last longer than other makeup remover. I love it because it feels light on the skin. ❀️ We cant compare it to cleansing oils. You just need a little amount of oil to remove your makeup. You’ll need more if you’re using cleansing water because of its consistency.

I’ve been using this for almost 2 months now. Note that I’m using this after I was out on a long day (not everyday). Overall, I like this cleansing water. It feels light on the skin. So far its price cant be beaten by other brands which are available locally.


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